About Me

I love to sing, write, eat amazing foods, spend time with animals and help others. All those things make me feel alive and are a big part of what I consider to be "me".

Sometimes I'm finding it hard to define myself. Being born and raised in Germany and now living in LA, I'm already torn between two amazing worlds. Add the desire to help animals and others, express myself through original songs as well as other artists' music, feeling compelled to share my story and experiences in a blog and many other things that excite me on the daily, and you end up in my headspace. I've recently decided I don't always have to put a one word label on things, especially not myself. So here I am, in all my colors.

I was born in Munich and raised in a medium sized village in Bavaria. I had a very happy childhood and discovered my love for music, as well as animals, early on. After Highschool I was lucky enough to be able to study at a vocational school for music in Regensburg, Germany, and even luckier to further my singing studies at a prestigious music college in Pasadena, California, which is where I live today.

I've since experienced the music industry from many different angles, one of them being the discovery of my yodeling talent, that turned out to be a niche I could collect many experiences from, such as live TV shows, TV documentaries, big newspaper articles, as well as a song placement in a movie with well known actors. 

I also get to use everything I've learned in college to help others, by teaching singing and piano lessons. 

I am currently working on more original music and on a new blog. I am in the process of accepting all parts of me while nourishing myself by drinking lots of homemade smoothies, cuddling my cat Baloo, working out in the mornings and simply just allowing myself to be me. I am learning from my experiences and mistakes on the daily and if you'd like to have more insight on what that looks like please check out my blog.