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My debut novel "The One I Love Most" 


Since I became obsessed with reading romance novels, especially those in which the heroine moves to Los Angeles, I wanted to write my own. And here it finally is. Part of my life, written as a story, in novel form.

English Reading Sample             Deutsche Leseprobe

And here is the Amazon link to buy the paperback or kindle version of my very first book.

Some things that glitter might just be tinsel, but true gold will always shine through.

After crossing the ocean and arriving in Los Angeles, 25-year-old Kathrin is ready to start living her dream – or so she feels. Becoming a singer, finding the love of her life, surely it can’t be that difficult for a young, hard-working German girl, right?

If only…

Falling in love was not a problem. Unfortunately. 40 years old and a real charmer, Eddie isn’t her type, but there’s something about him… Something that, in hindsight, should have been a big huge warning sign.

Fast-forward 4 years into the future, and Nick. Nick seems to be everything she’s ever dreamed of in a man, and yet, he doesn’t want to commit, so it must be her fault. Somehow. What else would it be?

Add the pesky problem of getting an artist visa to be able to stay in the US, two nights in jail, and a whole lot of trouble Kathrin never expected, and you’ll get a humorous, romantic story of a young woman’s journey as she chases her dreams and makes a surprising discovery that changes everything.

A discovery you’ll fall in love with.

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