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What It's Like To Let Go

Here's a little text I wrote over a year ago, about what >letting go< feels like to me and how I want to approach it in an ideal world.

What it’s like to let go.

Letting go, in most cases, isn’t easy. It usually means you held onto something you’ve liked, and sometimes disliked. But loosening your grip feels a little bit like jumping off a cliff, without knowing how or where you’ll land. Strangely enough, once both our feet leave that “safe ground” all we feel is relief and a feeling of freedom.

The cards are being shuffled again, the window of opportunities just became that much bigger, by letting another one thing go its separate way.

That can be a partner, a family member, a job, a belief you held on to, or anything that you felt like, in some way, was a part of you.

Being thrown into the Unknown really is scary though, and can take away your confidence in the matter of seconds. It can make you wish back the very thing you knew you wanted to let go, you knew wasn’t gonna make you happy, or that simply wasn’t supposed to be a permanent part of your life.

Instead of diving deep into the fear and into panic mode I am allowing myself to look at it from a different perspective. Maybe this is what needs to happen in order for me to get where I want to be. The universe is guiding me and paving my way. I can either shut down, let my anxiety eat me up and therefore miss out on some amazing new things coming my way, or I can at least try to trust that there IS a higher power that is helping me by removing blockages from my life, that for a while might have looked like blessings to me.

And they were blessings, they were lessons, but those things leaving your life simply means you are graduating to another level and new things. Bigger things are waiting for you.

In the end, fear doesn’t help us anyway. Whether it be justified or not. But the only thing that helps us move forward is faith and the ability to say “This is not in my hands anymore and I will let life guide me to my next destination.”


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